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These instructions will allow users to caption their Zoom session recordings

  1. Select your recording options
    1. Faculty/Staff: Ensure you are selecting the “Record to the Cloud” option when recording your Zoom sessions. Go to step 2
    2. Students: Select the “Record on this Computer” option, once your recording is complete, go to step 3

  2. Faculty/Staff: Zoom sessions recorded to the cloud will automatically appear in your Canvas My Media storage and will be automatically machined captioned. You may need to allow up to 24-hours for captions to complete depending on the length of the recording. Go to step 4

  3. Students:  Once you have completed a Zoom session you will receive an email from Zoom notifying you that your recording is ready, download your recording
            a. Login to Canvas
            b. Access a course in Canvas
            c. Upload the Zoom recording to My Media in Canvas
            d. Uploaded videos are automatically machine captioned - Go to step 4

  4. Edit the Captions in Kaltura to ensure accuracy

    Uploaded videos are automatically machine captioned

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