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Below are the meeting options available in Zoom.

Standard MeetingLarge MeetingStandard WebinarWebinar 1000Webinar 3000
Available toAll NinerNET accountsFaculty/Staff upon requestFaculty/Staff upon requestSubject to availability - request hereSubject to availability - request here
License TermOngoingOngoingAssigned per business need; subject to yearly reviewTemporary - provided day of event
Capacity/# ParticipantsUp to 300 participantsStandard meeting up to 500 participantsWebinar up to 500 participantsWebinar up to 1000 participantsWebinar up to 3000 participants
  • See this Zoom article for details about the differences between a Zoom meeting and Webinar.
  • Cloud recording is only available for Faculty/Staff.  Standard and webinar meetings allow cloud recording.
    • Cloud recording will be automatically moved to Trash after 30 days.  They will be permanently deleted after another 30 days.  See this FAQ for more information.
  • Local recording by hosts is available for all accounts for standard and webinar meetings.

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