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This new feature is available in the Kaltura Editor. A quiz creator (faculty) may select how many attempts a student can have for the selected quiz, and what is the score type (latest, highest, lowest, first, last, average). Be sure to set the number of attempts in Canvas equal to the number of attempts set in the Kaltura quiz.

  1. Login to Canvas and access a course
  2. Click on My Media
    Click on the My Media link
  3. Click Add New
    Click Add New option
  4. Click Video Quiz
  5. Select the preferred video 
  6. The Quiz Editor will appear. At this point, Kaltura has taken a copy of your original video to create a in-video quiz (IVQ)
    Video Quiz Editor
  7. You can now add the quiz question types to this video
    Add quiz questions
  8. Within the Quiz settings, click the Scores option to expand the settings
  9. The Allow Multiple Attempts will appear
    Allow multiple attempts
  10. You can choose between 2 and 100 attempts for students to retake the quiz
    1. NOTE: Be sure to set the attempts allowed in Canvas to equal the attempts allowed here. If these numbers don't match, the grade won't be transferred correctly into Canvas when the student completes the in-video quiz
  11. The Quiz Score to Keep is comprised of 6 different attempt options
    Quiz score to keep options
  12. You can choose to not show scores, show scores and to include answers
    Show scores
  13. To see the analytics for that in-video quiz (IVQ), click Actions
  14. Click Analytics
    Video Analytics
  15. Click the Quiz users tab to view the data table
    Quiz Users tab in Analytics data table
  16. As part of the update for multiple attempts, the analytics data table will have three (3) new columns
    Quiz Analytics data
    1. Attempts - related to the Multiple Attempts features.
    2. Final Score - displays the final grade for each user.
    3. Actions - currently only one action is available. You now can remove a user’s attempt. This will remove the user’s attempt completely and allow the user to take the quiz again.
  17. You can use Canvas Assignments to pull In-Video Quiz grades from Kaltura into Canvas gradebook. As student retake the quiz their Canvas grades will be updated accordingly.

As students watch a video quiz, a question appears at its chosen point; the video continues after the student answers the question. Depending on configuration chosen, the student may be allowed to repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, receive hints, and discover the correct answers.  IVQ increases engagement, tests knowledge and retention, and gathers media effectiveness data. Students can watch media segments multiple times in preparation for answering questions; and receive feedback, correct answers, and in-depth explanations when completing questions.

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