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When using or creating videos for use in your course, you can follow the steps below to create a video, edit the video and captions, add an in-video quiz (if needed), and then publish and share your video with students in your course.

  1. Record or Upload a Video to Kaltura My Media
    1. Record a Zoom meeting (class session) to save to My Media
    2. Use Zoom to record a course video and save to My Media 
    3. Create a video using Kaltura Capture
    4. Upload a video to My Media
    5. Post a YouTube video to My Media
  2. Edit Video and Manage Captions in Kaltura
    1. Edit a video and manage machine captions in Kaltura
    2. Request human captioning
    3. Caption a Zoom recording
  3. Add In-Video Quiz to video in Kaltura
    1. Add an Interactive Video Quiz using Kaltura
    2. Add an In-Video Quiz in a YouTube Video using Kaltura
  4. Publish and Share video in course
    1. Publish a video in My Media to share with students
    2. Embed a video on a Canvas Page (there is no grade associated with viewing this video)
    3. Create a Video Assignment in Canvas using Kaltura (this will allow a grade to be assigned)
  5. Video Analytics
    1. How can I tell who has viewed the video I added to my Canvas course?

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