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When there are 0 seats available for a session, you can still register and will be placed on the waitlist. The Learning and Development Portal allows you to see your status, or waitlist order, or withdraw yourself from the waitlist entirely. 

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  1. From your Learner Home Page, hover over the Learning tab and click on the last option in the drop down box, 'Interests and Waitlists'. 
  2. Result: You will be directed to your 'Interests and Waitlists' page. All sessions that you have either expressed interest in or been added to the waitlist will display. 
  3. The waitlist details will show each session you have been waitlisted for. You can see the status, or waitlist order, in each session row.
  4. If you would like to remove yourself from the waitlist, click 'Withdraw' in the row of the session you want to be removed from. 

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