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All ILT session attendees will automatically receive an email prompt to share their feedback by completing an online evaluation. Instructors should make a habit of logging in to the Learning and Development Portal the week following their session to review evaluation results. Doing so provides a valuable opportunity to continuously improve training materials and delivery for maximum impact.  Follow the steps listed below to view and print evaluation results of the sessions you lead. 

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1) Find your Events and Sessions.

2) Result: All tentative and approved sessions will display. Click to select the checkbox in front of Completed and click Search as pictured below. 


3) Locate the desired session under the Evaluation column, and click on the View Evaluation Report icon as pictured below. 


4) Result: Your Evaluation Reports page will display. Select the Date Criteria from the drop down menus as pictured below, and leave all other fields as-is - they have been pre-populated or intentionally left blank.

5) As pictured below, select either Export to Excel, or Printable Version to view your evaluation results.

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