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Mangers can assign both Events and Sessions to their direct-reports. 

  • Assigning an Event (the name of a specific class) enables your direct report to register for the Session that suits their schedule. Select this option when you want to encourage professional development and enable the employee to select a date and time the class is offered that suits them. 
  • Assigning a Session will register the employee for a class on a specific date and time. Select this option when you want the training to be completed within a certain timeframe, or when you want your team to attend a training session together. 

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1) Login to the Learning and Development Portal.

2) From the Learner Home Page, type in the name of the event that you would like to assign in the Search field as pictured below. 

3) Result: The training details for that event will display. Click the Assign button as pictured below. 

4) Result: A list of your direct reports will display. Check the box next to the name(s) of the employee(s) to whom you want to assign the event, as pictured below.

5)  Click Submit. 

6) Result: The training event will appear on the employee's transcript, and they will receive an email confirmation that the event was assigned.