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To get this Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) result, you will need to have one or more links that do not contain text or do not contain images with alt text. The most common ways to reach this error are to: rearrange lists of links or delete linked text or images without also deleting the link.

  1. When this error arises within Accessibility Checker (UDOIT), click the “View the source of this issue” button.

  2. Click the “U FIX IT!” button. 
    1. Within the “U FIX IT!” button, you will be provided with
      1. A text field where you can enter in “New link text” (the text that students will see).
      2. A “Delete this Link completely instead” checkbox.
  3. Option 1: In the text field, write a short description where the link is taking students when they click it. Then click “Submit.”

  4. Option 2: Select the “Delete this link completely instead” checkbox and click "Submit."

False Positives

If you receive this result because a linked image does not have alt text, this result is legitimate; however, do not use the U Fix It! button for "Links should contain text" to fix these. Using the button for this result will add linked text to the left of the image OR could even delete the image. Instead, you'll want to check the Suggestions section for How do I fix “no alt text” image element suggestion using the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT)? and use the U Fix It! buttons there.

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