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This result usually occurs when you have a line or paragraph that is completely in bold font and is intended to provide content structure. You should always avoid using stylings for document structure. Headings are used to navigate through documents. If headings are created by making the font large and/or bold, then students who rely on text-to-speech or screen reader programs will not be able to equally experience the document. Additionally, if headings are created by stylizing text, then students who like to generate outlines for studying will have to manually create their outlines.

  1. It’s probably most helpful to click on the ‘View the Source of This Issue’ link above the ‘U FIX IT’ button in order to get an understanding of what you’re working with.
  2. Once you’ve recognized the issue, click on the ‘U Fix It!’ button.
  3. Select the appropriate heading level*, then click the ‘Submit’ button.


    *In order to select the appropriate heading level, it’s important to understand heading levels and how to use them. There are six levels available on the web (more are available for printed documents), and the level you apply should not be based on appearance:

    • Heading 1: This level is reserved for page headings.
    • Heading 2: This level should be the first level you use on a Canvas page and for any additional headings that cover the main topics of this page.
    • Heading 3: This level should be used for each of the sub-topic in a main topic. As such, Heading 3s must appear beneath level 2 or other level 3 headings.
    • Heading 4: This level should be used for each of the sub-sub-topic in a sub-topic. As such, Heading 4s must appear beneath level 3 or other level 4 headings.
    • Heading 5: This level should be used for each of the sub-sub-sub-topic in a sub-sub-topic. As such, Heading 5s must appear beneath level 4 or other level 5 headings.
    • Heading 6: This level should be used for each of the sub-sub-sub-sub-topic in a sub-sub-sub-topic. As such, Heading 6s must appear beneath level 5 or other level 6 headings.

    False Positives

    False Positives - If the bold line (or paragraph, though we discourage having that much text in bold) is purely for emphasis and is not a heading, then this UDOIT result can be ignored.

    False Negatives - If you created headings by just enlarging the title text, UDOIT will not recognize this as a potential title. As such, please be sure to manually check your pages to make sure that all faux headings are fixed.

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