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This result occurs when you have a page that has at least 1498 characters' worth of text that has not been separated by any headings. Long sections of text that do not have headings can be problematic. If large chunks of text are not broken up into sections, then it’s harder to find relevant information when you want to refer back to something, and it involves a lot of scrolling for mobile device users and users of text-to-speech or screen reader programs.

  1. This result does not have a “U FIX IT!” button. You will need to use the Rich Content Editor to add headings to the lengthy section of text. Start by clicking the “Fix Headings” link above the UDOIT result to navigate to the page where the error resides and opening the page in editing mode.
  2. Next, go through the page and write a new section title wherever is appropriate, place the typing cursor (blinking line) on the new title's line, and then use the Paragraph drop menu to apply the appropriate heading level format.
  3. Once finished, change the heading text's appearance to suit your taste and then save the page.

False Positives

While technically not a false positive, if the semantic structure of the page doesn't lend itself to having a heading, or if the text is copied from a published work, then you don't need to add headings. In other words, think of this suggestion as purely a suggestion.

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