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This result occurs when hyperlinks you’ve applied in the course consist of naked URLs, or "Click here" or "Here" as your link text. It's recommended that you avoid using "Read more" and "Click" as your link text. If the linked text is not descriptive, students will not be able to determine the destination of a link before they click it. Additionally, when students want to refer back to a linked resource, non-descriptive links make the process of finding the resource difficult. Lastly,
students who rely on text-to-speech or screen reader programs to experience the web need descriptive links so that when they use their program to pull up a list of the webpage's links, they know where each link will take them without having to first check the context.

  1. Click the “U FIX IT!” button, and you will be provided with: A text field where you can enter in New link text (the text that students will see), and a “Delete this Link completely instead” checkbox. To determine the correct route, click the “View the source of this issue” link.
  2. Right-click on the link in the Preview box and open the link in a new tab or window. After opening the link, if you determine that new link text is needed, make note of or copy the title of the resource. This is often what you will want your new link text to be.
  3. After you've either filled the field or checked the checkbox, click the “Submit” button and the Accessibility Checker (UDOIT) will apply the change.

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