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Did you receive an email or text message notifying you that your NinerNET credentials were suspended? If so, here's why:

  1. On September 22, 2020, Chancellor Gaber announced that beginning October 5, 2020, "anyone not completing the Niner Health Check as required will have their NinerNet credentials suspended until the assessment is done."
    1. This requirement applies to all faculty, staff and students.
  2. You account was suspended because the Niner Health Check was not completed for 20 consecutive days.
    1. Multiple email and text reminders were sent to your email account and to cell phone if a cell phone number was available.
  3. When your NinerNET credentials are suspended, you will not be able to log into many common services that use single sign-on e.g., canvas, Zoom, WebEx, Gmail, Google Drive
    1. You should still be able to swipe your card on-campus for building entry and at Kronos WFR time clocks.
  4. Check your alternate email address for instructions to complete a Niner Health Check to reactivate your NinerNET credentials.
    1. Within a few hours, you will receive a NinerNET credentials reactivation email to your alternate email address with information to reset your password.

See the Niner Health Check general information page and Niner Health Check FAQs for more information.

For general questions and concerns, submit questions through this form.

Employees: contact your manager or vice chancellor with questions regarding Niner Health Check non-compliance.

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