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There are three stages in the process of posting an SHRA position as pictured below.

Follow the steps below to complete Stage 1 in the process of creating an SHRA job posting. 

  1. As the the Initiator or Hiring Manager, go to
  2. Navigate to the Employment & Benefits section and select the NinerTalent link (
  3. Login with your NinerNet credentials.
  4. Look for User Group in the top right corner of your screen and click the drop-down option to select Initiator as pictured below.

4. Result: You will be in in the Applicant Tracking System. Click the Posting button on the blue banner and select SHRA as pictured below.

5. Click the orange Create New Posting button in the top right corner of your screen as pictured below. 

6.  Result: The Create New pop-up window will display with a variety of options as pictured below. 

the position is brand newselect Create New Posting
the position is vacantselect Create from Position Description

7. Enter all of the position criteria as prompted and route the posting to another Initiator, an Approver, or directly to Human Resources as appropriate. 

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