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  1. What is a WIM and why was it created?
    1. A .wim file is a copy of your hard drive that is created before your computer is re-imaged
    2. The file is created to provide a backup in case a file/folder wasn't backed up prior to the re-image process
  2. Accessing files within the WIM
    1. Open Start > All Apps > 7-Zip File Manager
    2. Go to ComputerC: > Windows > Charlotte
    3. Double click on the file named computername.wim
      1. The file name is based on your computer's name
    4. Find the folder/file you want to copy to your computer and select it
    5. Click the Extract button along the top
    6. Click the triple dot button on the right and choose where you want this file/folder to be saved on your computer
    7. Click OK
    8. Click OK
    9. When the file is done extracting and saving to your computer, you can repeat the process for everything you want copied to your computer
  3. Deleting WIM when all desired files are retrieved
    1. If there's nothing you need from the WIM file, or you've copied everything you need, you can delete the file from your computer
    2. Open Windows Explorer and go to ComputerC: > Windows > Charlotte
    3. Right click the file named computername.wim and delete it


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