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  1. Log into your computer twice; this completes the process to give you administrative rights to your computer
  2. Verify that your printers work.  Follow these instructions if you need to set them up
  3. The default browser is Internet Explorer (IE), this should be changed if you prefer another browser
    1. If you had your computer setup to open email links in Gmail, follow these instructions to set that up again
  4. If you're a laptop user:
    1. Verify the VPN is installed by going to Start menu > Cisco AnyConnect
      1. If you have a VPN profile that is different from the standard faculty and staff profile, make sure you have know the profile name so you can re-enter it when prompted
    2. If the VPN is not installed, follow these instructions
    3. Setup Eduroam as the wireless network
  5. Pin any desired applications to the taskbar along the bottom (example: pin MS Word) by finding the application and then click and drag into the taskbar
    1. You should see a note say Link when you drag the app to the taskbar
  6. If you use Dropbox, setup the Dropbox Sync app if that's desired
  7. Install any specialty software used
  8. Review the Get Started video under Start > All Apps
  9. Request Windows 10 training, if needed


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