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  1. Unless otherwise approved by the employee’s department head, each UNC Charlotte employee’s duty station shall be the main campus at 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223.

  2. Exceptions to this policy are limited to those employees who have permanent offices at satellite campuses or buildings designated as part of UNC Charlotte (e.g., Center City Building) OR
  3. Those who have a teleworking arrangement on file per University Policy 101.22.


    Per University Policy 101.22, flexible work and teleworking employees are not eligible for travel expense reimbursement when they commute to and from the University’s main campus for work purposes. Teleworking employees may be eligible for travel reimbursement, in accordance with current University policies, for meetings and business events that take place off the main campus (e.g., travel from/to the teleworking site to a location away from the main campus).

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