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Approval routing is based on specific criteria combinations:

  1. Level 1 - based on fund and/or account code (Chart 1 Journal Entry, Book Receipt, Book Disbursement, and Interdepartmental Invoices ONLY)
    1. Academic Affairs Budget & Personnel
    2. Grants & Contracts Administration
    3. Budget & Financial Analysis
    4. Treasury Services
    5. Reporting & Fixed Assets - Capital Projects
  2. Final - based on FTR type and/or Chart of Accounts
    1. General Accounting (Chart 1 - except Interdepartmental Invoices & Payment Book Receipts)
    2. Accounts Payable (Interdepartmental Invoices)
    3. Cashiers (Payment Book Receipts)
    4. Reporting & Fixed Assets (Chart T - Year End Team Only)
    5. Treasury Services (Charts F, A, U, V - Foundations)  


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