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  1. Yes. You can select the “Add Add'l Dept. Approver” add additional department approver button button to add another approver.


    The "Approver" field will automatically default to the preparer's direct supervisor; however, this field may be changed manually using the individual's UNC Charlotte ID or by using the name lookup feature. If you do not know the individual’s 800#, begin to type the individual’s name (format:  LastName, FirstName) in the ID field, and a list will display. Select the individual from the drop-down list, and their 800# and name will display automatically on the form.  

    The form will not allow you to approve your own FTR.

  2. The preparer will receive a "Submission Confirmation" email notification for any valid FTR submission sent to the designated "Approver." 

  3. This notification will contain a link directly to the FTR document in the University's Imaging System.  

  4. Anyone with the link and access to the imaging system may view the document during the approval process. 


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