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The Department Approver will be bypassed for IDIs and Payment Book Receipts (PBR).  The PBR will replace the current CCBR and be used to process all cash, check, and credit card payments.

  1. If your request is approved by all levels of the workflow, you will receive a “Submission Approved” email notification with the document number.  

    1. Your entry will post in Banner within an hour, bar any Banner processing exceptions.  

  2. If your request is invalid, you will not be allowed to submit the form until all invalid form field entries are resolved.  All validation is on the front-end of the form submission.  You will no longer receive "Submission Error" emails after November 16, 2017.   

    1. If an entry is still needed, you must prepare a new FTR.  

    2. The original invalid FTR submission will not be given an FTR Submission-ID number.

    3. Thus, the invalid entry will not be viewable in the University's Imaging System.

  3. If your request is rejected at any level of the workflow, you and all upstream approvers will receive a “Submission Rejected” email notification that includes the reason for rejection. 

    1. If an entry is still needed, you must prepare a new FTR.  

    2. The rejected FTR submission may still be viewed in the imaging system using the FTR Submission-ID number.


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