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Users can save a draft of their FTR form content. 

  1. Populate the FTR form with content you would like to save.
  2. Select the Save As Drafts button to save the current form entry for later edits using the Recall Document feature.

    There will be no form field validations until the Submit button is selected.

    Saved drafts will expire after 90 days.

  3. To access a saved draft, click the Recall Document button and select the Recall button of the appropriate document to recall and populate the form.

    A window opens displaying a list of your previously saved or submitted FTRs under the My Documents tab (default view). The image circled in red denotes a DRAFT document.  

    Select the Search Documents tab to find other documents.enter another Initiator's ID (800#) or name to display a list of their saved or submitted FTRs.

    Select Document ID, if known, to recall the document.

    The Recall Document feature will only list the latest 250 documents created.

  4. After recalling the appropriate document, perform further edits before submitting the form.


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