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You can set different due dates for each sections for activities for each section in your combined Canvas course

  1. In the left Canvas navigation bar, click the Calendar icon
  2. Click the Create New Event icon, it looks like a plus sign, +. The Edit Event dialog box is displayed
  3. In the Title text box, type a title for the new event
  4. Enter the date and the time the new event will take place
  5. In the Locations text box, type where the event will take place. This is optional
  6. In the Calendar drop-down list, select your combined course
  7. Click More Options

  8. Select the Use a different date for each section check box to specify a different due date and time for each section
  9. For each section, specify the due date, start, and end times
  10. Click Create Event
  11. The events are added to the Calendar

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