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Using the search field, you can search your quarantined messages for a specific term in the message From: or Subject. Search results are displayed in the Search Results page.

  1. Login to
  2. In the Quick Search field, enter either information about who the message is From: or the Subject of the message - click Search.
    Search field

    • Entering a group of words separated by spaces will search for all of those terms as a single string in the order they were entered.
    • If you want to enter special characters, add a backslash. For example: Cisco\s spam quarantine
  3. To perform more complicated searches, click Advanced Search - the following will open...
    Advanced Search
    1. To search only for messages arriving today, simply click Search (the "Today" date range is selected by default).
    2. When searching who the message is From:, you can enter a partial address. Select whether the search results should match the exact recipient you entered, or whether the results should contain, start with, or end with your entry.
    3. Enter a date range - click the calendar icons to select a date.
    4. After entering the search criteria, click Search - messages matching your search criteria are displayed below the Search section of the page.
  4. Messages matching your search criteria are displayed in the Search Results page.
    1. You can read, delete, and release messages on the Search Results page.
    2. To clear the search results, and return to your current list of quarantined messages, click Clear Search.

Click this Spam Quarantine Help for more details on advanced searching.

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