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This tool is currently being tested by early adopters. This functionality will be rolled out to the campus community Fall 2020.

  1. Cybercriminals can use email to impersonate employees or send spoofed links to your University account to steal your money or personal information. These crimes often target higher education employees and can have devastating effects.
  2. To reduce the likelihood that users will be baited by malicious email scams, an email security appliance warns recipients when an email originates from outside the @uncc domain (sender addresses that do not end in @uncc).
  3. The following tags EXTERNAL and UNTRUSTED ATTACHMENT within subject lines and in-emails help readers quickly recognize emails from outside the @uncc domain and to remind readers to practice caution before clicking or opening links:
    1. Emails from a non-UNCC email address will display a subject beginning with [EXTERNAL] and an in-email alert:
    2. Emails (from a non-UNCC email address) that contain an unscannable attachment will display a subject beginning with [UNTRUSTED ATTACHMENT] and an in-email alert:

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