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Faculty will provide students with an Adobe Spark template project (video, page, or image) in a Canvas Assignment. From the Canvas Assignment, students will be able to take a copy of the Adobe Spark template to modify and submit their Adobe Spark project (Video, Page, or Image).

  1. Log into your Canvas course
    Log in to the Canvas course
  2. Go to Assignments and choose the provided Adobe Spark assignment
    Adobe Spark Canvas Assignment
  3. Click Make a copy to generate a copy of the template provided by the faculty
    Make a copy of an Adobe Spark Project
  4. A copy of the faculty provided Adobe Spark template will be copied into the student's Spark project page
    Copy of Adobe Spark project template
  5. Click on the template to rename it and start modification based on the assignment instructions
  6. Once the Adobe Spark modification is completed, students will use the Turn in to Canvas option to submit to Canvas
    Turn in to Canvas option
  7. The assignment is successfully submitted
  8. Students can click on the Submission Details to confirm submission completion
    Submission details

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