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Students can submit their Adobe Spark project to a Canvas Assignment by using the Turn in to Canvas option in Adobe Spark to submit their Spark project (Video, Page, or Image).

  1. Log into your Canvas course 
  2. Note the name of the assignment
    Adobe Spark project
  3. Log in to Adobe Spark
  4. Click your completed Adobe Spark project to open
    Adobe Spark project
  5. Click the Share icon
    Click the Share icon
  6. Click the option to Turn in to Canvas
    Click the Turn in to Canvas option
  7. The Turn In window appears
    The Turn In window appears
  8. Choose the Course dropdown option to select your Canvas course
    select your canvas course
  9. Choose the Assignment dropdown option to select the Canvas Assignment
    Select the Canvas Assignment
  10. Click the Turn In button
    Click the Turn In option
  11. The Assignment turned in window will appear showing success
    The assignment turned in window appears
  12. Go over to the Canvas Assignment
    Canvas assignment
  13. Click the assignment to open
    See the assignment submission details
  14. The assignment is successfully submitted
  15. Students can click on the Submission Details to confirm submission completion
    Submission details

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