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Students will publish their Adobe Spark project (Video, Page, or Image) to generate a URL or Embed code. Using a provided Canvas assignment, students will be able to take a copy of the Adobe Spark URL or Embed code and submit their assignment.

  1. Log into your Canvas course 
  2. Note the name of the assignment
    Canvas Assignment for Adobe Spark Project
  3. Log into Adobe Spark
  4. Click your completed Adobe Spark project to open
    Choose the Adobe Spark project
  5. Click the Share icon along the top
    Use the Share icon for submission
  6. Click the dropdown option to Publish and share link
    Publish and share the URL link
  7. The Publish window appears
    1. Choose to pick a category (1)
    2. Add yourself as the author (2)
    3. Click Create link (3)
      Create a new link for the project
  8. The Share option appears
  9. Choose either to Copy the shareable link
    Copy or Embed the link to the project
  10. Or, choose the Embed option
    Embed option
  11. Click the Canvas Assignment
    Go to the Canvas Assignment
  12. Click Submit Assignment
  13. Choose the Text Entry option to copy the URL
    Paste URL into Text Entry box
  14. Paste the project Shareable link or the Embed code into the Text Entry box
    Paste the link
  15. Click Submit Assignment to complete submission
  16. You can also choose the Website URL option
    Website URL option
  17. Paste the Shareable link from the Adobe Spark project
  18. Click Submit Assignment
    Submit the assignment
  19. The assignment is successfully submitted
    Assignment submitted
  20. Students can click on the Submission Details to confirm submission completion
    Submission Details

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