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Initialize Account

Faculty can create Canvas assignments to support Adobe Spark projects but must first initialize their Adobe Account using NinerNET credentials

  1. Log into Canvas (
  2. Go to your course and create a new Assignment (+ Assignment)
    New Canvas Assignment
  3. Enter the assignment details (name, instructions, etc)
  4. To have students submit the assignment back into Canvas, use the External Tool option (look for Adobe Spark as the tool)

    Adobe Spark

    Click here for information about integrating Adobe Creative Cloud and Canvas for assignment submission. The first time you launch Adobe Spark from within Canvas, you are prompted to authorize Adobe to use your account

  5. Click Find (Enter or find an External Tool URL)
    Find the External Tool
  6. Click Adobe Spark
    External Tool called Adobe Spark
  7. All your Spark projects display in a new window called Link Resource from External Tool
    Choose from Existing Adobe Spark Projects
  8. Hover on the appropriate Adobe Spark project, and select the appropriate option (Attach, Preview, or Customize)
    1. Attach, allows you to attach a blank Page, Video, or Post
    2. Preview, allows for a view to be shown of the Adobe Spark project
      Preview the Adobe Spark project
    3. Customize takes you to Spark web, where you can customize the Adobe Spark project (developing a template for your students)
  9. To provide your students with a copy of your Adobe Spark project, click Attach
  10. Create a new or blank Adobe Spark Projects
    1. To attach a blank project to your assignment, hover on the project, and click Attach
  11. You will be taken back to the Configure External Tool window
    Complete Select External Tool
  12. Click Select
  13. Do NOT load this tool in a new tab
    Do not load this tool in a new tab
  14. Choose the rest of the options in the assignment (Assign Due and Until dates)
    Canvas settings
  15. Click Save & Publish button
    Click the Save and Publish button
  16. Add a Rubric as a grading and performance feedback tool
    Add a Rubric to the assignment
  17. The assignment is now ready
  18. Students will be able to make a copy of the template provided to modify the template and submit their project assignment
    Make a copy of an Adobe Spark Project

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