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  1. Login to
  2. Click Files
  3. If you want to rewind your entire Dropbox account, click Rewind Dropbox on the right
    Screenshot of Rewind Dropbox
  4. If you just want to rewind a specific folder, open the desired folder and click Rewind this folder - note that all folders within that folder will also be rewound
    Screenshot Rewind this folder
  5. Click Get started
    Screenshot of Get Started button

    Dropbox displays the following options under the Get started button...

    Note that you don't need to necessarily rewind an entire folder or all of Dropbox for one file.  See...

    • Restoring a document to a previous version - see this FAQ
    • Restoring a document that has been deleted - see this FAQ

  6.  You’ll see a graph that measures your folder’s activity by day - Click on the graph to pick a day
    • We recommend you pick a day right before the incident occurred, which will usually appear as a spike on the graph
      Screenshot of Rewind Step 1 
  7. Click Continue
  8. From the Fine tune list, find the earliest change you want to undo and click the blue line below it
    Screenshot of Rewind Step 2

    All file changes above the blue line will appear greyed out—this means they’ll be undone after the rewind
  9. Once you have decide what to rewind to, click Continue
  10. Click Rewind
    Screenshot of Rewind Step 3
  11. You'll receive an email once the Rewind is complete - depending on the size of the files, the Rewind could take some time to complete

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