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Dropbox Rewind is a tool that lets you undo a large number of changes at once on a folder level or on your entire Dropbox.

Individual files can be restored from a previous version - see this FAQ

Deleted files or folders can be restored - see this FAQ

Dropbox Rewind will undo:

  • File edits, renames, additions, and deletions
  • Actions taken in shared folders, including those owned by other people
  • Actions taken in Dropbox Business team folders that you’re a member of and have edit access to

Dropbox Rewind will not undo:

  • Changes made to Paper docs (unless you’re using the 2020 release of Dropbox Paper)
  • Changes to files or folders owned by other teams
  • File history (the rewind will just be added to your history)
  • File or folder membership changes—for example, if you were removed from a shared folder, rewinding will not add you back to that folder
  • Dropbox Rewind won’t recover any permanently deleted files or changes made earlier than your account’s version history

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