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You can host meetings and webinars with these robust web conferencing and online chat tools:


Zoom allows screen and video sharing, phone conferencing options, and chat.

Zoom Screenshot

  1. Zoom integrates with Canvas.
  2. Host up to 300 participants with a Zoom meeting.
  3. Licenses are available for meetings up to 1000 and webinars up to 3000.
  4. Hosts can adjust security settings for a secure web conference meeting
  5. Hosts can enable a live closed captioning option.
  6. Hosts can view meeting attendees in Canvas. 

Google Meet is an online meeting platform with phone and video conferencing. Google Meet is accessible from within the Gmail web interface and offers live closed captioning. 

Google Meet Screenshot

  1. Google Meet integrates with Google Suite.
  2. Hosts can enable a live closed captioning option.
  3. Google Meet does not offer a way to generate an attendee list.

Google Chat is Google's team messaging tool.

Google Chat Screenshot

  1. Each Google Chat room can support more than 1000 members.
  2. Google Chat integrates with Google Suite.
  3. Participants can thread conversations, edit previous messages, and add formatting.

  4. Users can facilitate private conversations amongst designated individuals.
  5. You can invite an individual or an existing Google Group, and each member of a group will have the option to join the room.

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