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SPSS software is available for teaching and non-commercial academic research on university computers.

Non-commercial academic research means research by degree seeking students and faculty members where (i) the results of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party; (ii) such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution; and (iii) any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of hosting, reproduction, and shipping.

Any other use including university administration and operations is strictly prohibited

Windows ComputerMac Computer
  1. Log into your University computer using your NinerNET credentials
  2. Click the Start button
  3. Type Software Center
  4. As you type, Software Center will be found - click Software Center
    Screenshot of Software Center
  5. Search for SPSS and select it by clicking the checkbox to the left
  6. Click Install

To obtain the SPSS software for your University owned Mac computer:

  1. Go to the Self Service application
    Screnshot of Self Service
  2. Under the Applications section, find SPSS
  3. Click Install

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