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No system is foolproof, so you may want to review the following tips below.  

  1. Research shows that educating students about academic integrity is more effective than enforcement alone, so you may want to explain to students why doing their own work is important. 
  2. Reinforcing positive behavior as desirable is an effective way to make students feel that they are being treated fairly.  
  3. Review the Code of Student Academic Integrity
  4. Add the following language to your syllabus: “All students are required to read and abide by the Code of Student Academic Integrity. Violations of the Code of Student Academic Integrity, including cheating on quizzes and plagiarism, will result in disciplinary action as provided in the Code. The Code is available from the Dean of Students Office or online.”
  5. Faculty may ask students to produce identification at examinations and may require students to demonstrate that graded assignments completed outside of class are their own work. 

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