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IT Support

The University's Office of OneIT Department provides limited technical support for those electing to use an IMAP client to retrieve Gmail.  Support includes best effort IT phone support (no ticket escalation) and the FAQs shown. Individual colleges/departments may provide additional support. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) does not support IMAP email clients.


A change like this can be difficult, especially at first. Please explore and use the features of Gmail exclusively for at least 30 days before considering going back to a desktop email client. Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail do not offer the full search, integration and ease of use found by using a supported web browser with Google Gmail.

  1. Many of the Outlook features are available to use as the sender but if the recipient is not using Outlook, the features may not be transmitted.  For example, if you set the High Importance flag and the recipient is using Gmail, the recipient will not see the flag.
  2. If you are using Outlook, your IMAP sending limit is 99 recipients. See this FAQ for more details.
  3. Before setting up Outlook, make sure all messages in Gmail have a label.
    1. If you have archived messages and they are only found in All Mail, they will not be in Outlook
  4. REMEMBER: When responding to Calendar invites, follow this FAQ.
  5. Other features are highlighted below. NOTE: This list is not exhaustive.
Feature*AvailableNot Available
Advanced text formats and styles


Automatic out of office pop up notification

Calendar Integration


Compose in Word and send as an email

Contact Integration

Delay Send

Directory lookup for UNC Charlotte email addresses

Follow up flags

Importance flag

Message "history"  - reply arrow, forward arrow

Multiple signatures

Read Receipts 

Recall messaging

Scientific Notation formatting

Sharing folders

Sorting by date

*This feature list is not exhaustive

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