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Kaltura My Media provides faculty with the option to post YouTube videos which can then be embedded into Canvas items (Pages, Announcements, Discussion forums, etc.).  Kaltura's Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ) tool can be used to to increase the power of your YouTube video by embedding questions directly into the video. The IVQ feature increases engagement, enables effective assessment measurement, and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes. IVQ provides an easy-to-use quiz creation wizard to create an unlimited number of true/false and multiple choice questions with 2-4 optional answers per question for your course video quiz assignment.

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Access a course in which My Media is enabled 

    Canvas Course Navigation

    Please view the Canvas How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links? for help enabling My Media

  3. Click the My Media link

  4. Click the Add New drop-down button

  5. Select YouTube

    Adding YouTube Video to My Media

  6. Navigate to the YouTube video clip you would like to use. Copy the URL
  7. In My Media, paste the YouTube URL  into the box provided and select "Preview"
    Preview YouTube Video

    YouTube URL

    Note: Kaltura will cut off everything except the ending unique video identifier of the URL you pasted.

  8. You will see how the YouTube video will appear in My Media

  9. Click on the video to see the details associated with the YouTube video
  10. You will see that the name and description of the video that were used in YouTube have been placed here for your convenience. You can edit these accordingly. Click Save.
    Click Go To My Media to see media added
  11. Your changes will be saved. Click Go To My Media to see the posted YouTube video

  12. From My Media, click the Add New drop-down menu and choose Video Quiz from the list

    Adding a Video Quiz

  13. In the Media Selection window, click the Select button to choose the video that you want to create an associated quiz
  14. After you select your video, the MediaSpace window will automatically load the video and open the Quiz Editor's General window 
  15. You will now be able to start editing the quiz options and add multiple choice and true false questions using the IVQ Editor to build out your video quiz

My Media Options

Please note that YouTube videos do not have the same options available as media files uploaded to Kaltura. For example, you will not have the features for clipping and trimming. Machine and Human Closed Captions can be requested for these YouTube videos in Kaltura My Media. You can also add SRT files to the YouTube video. The YouTube video can be published to the Media Gallery or embedded into Canvas Pages.

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