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Theft of computers and small electronics from campus buildings and offices can be a serious problem because of their size and portability.

University employees who choose to use laptop computers and/or small electronics because of their convenience and ease to transport, are expected to exercise a higher degree of personal responsibility to secure the equipment when it is not in use.

Because the university is unable to purchase insurance to cover unexplained disappearances of property, there are currently no recourse or insurance funds available through the Office of Risk Management to cover unexplained laptop or small electronic thefts. Replacement costs will be the responsibility of the department.


Reporting missing or stolen computer equipment is a time sensitive matter.  The below process must be completed within 24 hours of knowledge of missing or stolen computer equipment.

Reporting process

Overview of process

  1. Collect the make, model and serial number of the computer equipment
  2. Call or go to the Police and Public Safety Building located on Cameron Blvd., just across from the Student Health Center.
    1. The number to call is 704-687-8300.
  3. Complete the property loss reporting formContact Risk Management & Insurance at 704‑687‑5711 for assistance with completion and submission of the form.
  4. Complete the  OneIT Stolen Equipment form here.
    1. This will notify OneIT.
    2. OneIT will review our management systems for any details that will allow us to track down the device.
  5. If you are not a OneIT technician, contact your local IT representative; they will
    1. Update inventory sheets
    2. Provide loaner equipment
    3. Work with you to identify replacement equipment and funding.

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