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The University’s exemption only applies to sales tax. The University is not exempt from occupancy tax at any hotel.

  1. During check-in, let the hotel’s front desk attendant know that you work for a tax-exempt entity.
  2. Provide your University p-card, which has the University’s tax-exempt number printed on the front, and if required by the hotel, provide a copy of the University’s sales tax exempt certificate. 

    Your room expenses will not be exempt from sales tax unless you use a University purchasing card (p-card).

  3. When you receive your bill at the end of your stay, make sure that the sales tax has been removed. 
  4. If the sales tax has not been removed, go to the front desk and request the sales tax be removed.

  5. Request that the hotel staff prints a new bill excluding sales tax.

    If the hotel staff will not honor the University's sales tax exemption, go ahead and pay the bill with your p-card. Follow up with the hotel staff when you are back in the office to request that they honor the tax exemption after the fact.

    Some states will not accept our sales tax exemption. Currently, the University has specific sales tax exemption certificates for Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina. For links to all sales tax exemption certificates on file, visit the Tax Office website.

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