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When the university is in a Condition 1 or 2 status and the University approves make-up time, non-exempt employees should record this time in Kronos WFR. 

Prior to scheduling make-up time, employees should receive prior approval from supervisors based on the operational needs for overtime work

  1. The employee should submit a Time Off request and select COMPREG (those employees who work less than 40 hours/week should select COMPGAP).
    1. After the request is approved, the existing COMPREG balance will be reduced or become negative if none is available.
    2. As the employee works overtime during the specified period of time (60, 90, 180 days, etc) the deficit will return back to zero as time is earned. 
  2. All compensatory time deficits must be made up within the specified time period. If the balance remains negative after the time period has ended, the balance will be reconciled against another leave type (to be communicated at that time).

Make-up time can only be scheduled in a week in which the employee does not use leave. Meaning, the employee could not work over an hour each day and take vacation on Friday. The vacation leave would then be offset by any of the hours worked during the week, therefore eliminating that make-up time. Please refer to the OSHR leave offsetting policy for additional information.

Exempt employees

Make-up time is coordinated with the supervisor and is not tracked in Kronos WFR.

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