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To see what operating system version you are currently running use this FAQ.

Use these FAQs for help with how to upgrade your University Mac or University Windows device.

See this FAQ for information about server operating systems.

  1. In keeping with Apple and Microsoft's release cycle, IT tests the latest operating systems for deployment to campus in late fall/early spring.
    1. Windows Desktops and Laptops: all currently supported versions of Windows by Microsoft.
    2. Mac Desktops and Laptops: the latest version and two versions back.
  2. It is important to run updated operating systems because:
    1. Computers are constantly under attack by malicious actors such as hackers, viruses or malicious software.
    2. Running an out-of-date operating system poses a serious threat to UNC Charlotte because it gives malicious actors an opportunity to exploit the vulnerabilities (weakness).
    3. An out-of-date operating system may also prevent legitimate software such as Antivirus from working properly.
    4. With the constant threat of computer attacks, the first line of defense is to run an up-to-date operating system.
  3. If you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk, or 704-687-5500.

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