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  • Watch video outlining the main features of the New Gradebook

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Summer 2019

Starting this Summer 2019 (May 15, 2019), all instructors will be able to use Canvas' New Gradebook. 

  • The New Gradebook provides enhanced user experience with better placements of filters, improved accessibility support, and new option for Late Policies. The New Gradebook has been designed to make grading more flexible and intuitive
  • Features added allow instructors to be able to:
    • Automatically apply a grading rule to late and missing submissions
    • Manually adjust submission status to none, late, missing, or excused
    • Enable late or missing policies in the Gradebook Settings menu
    • Apply a Override Total Grade Column into the Gradebook

    • Ordering and filtering the columns by assignment names, due dates, points, or modules

    • Highlighting rows for improved orientation

    • Customizing the color associated with a Gradebook Status: late, missing, resubmitted, dropped, or excused

    • Set grading rules to automatically apply to late and missing submissions

    • Grade detail tray displaying a grading summary by assignment and student

  • There are multiple Canvas Guides and resources that can provide great resources while learning and using the new gradebook
  • Differences in functionality can be explored for additional information
  • Canvas Community site also has a FAQ on the New Gradebook which is periodically updated

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