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  1. Ideally, all university data is stored on the network. Level 2 data must be stored on the network in accordance with the Data Handling Guideline. If you have questions about the data levels, please contact your Data Security Officer, Information Security Liaison, or the Information Security Compliance Office.
  2. University computers are replaced on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of the user to back up data but if something is left behind, it is possible to retrieve the files if the request is made immediately. Typically, the old desktop is left in the office for a few days. It is recommended that you review your new computer folders immediately, while it is still possible to get the old files
  3. To access files on an old computer:
    1. Contact the IT Service Desk, 704-687-5500 or
    2. The Service Desk will enter a request
    3. A OneIT Desktop Service technician will contact you to help get the files

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