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If you are unsure about what components are needed in a new computer, contact the IT Service Desk, 704-687-5500 or and request a consultation with a Desktop Support manager.


Once computer equipment is received, contact the OneIT Service Desk for configuration and installation.

  • Follow these steps to purchase a new University computer:
Dell ComputerApple Computer
  • Log into 49er Mart
  • Click the Dell link under Computer/Technology
    • a new window should open up, if not, check and make sure pop-ups are not blocked by your browser.
  • Choose desired computer from the standard configurations.
    • the default options meet the majority of academic and administrative needs but some customizations can be made if needed e.g. size of hard drive, speed of processor etc.
    • all systems come with a 3 year hardware maintenance warranty
    • customizations may increase the price of the computer.
  • Save as an e-quote
  • Submit to business manager or responsible party in your department
  • Please note: peripherals such as monitors, adaptors, docking stations are not included with the computer order and, if needed, should be ordered separately. 
  • Go to the Apple Store for Education Institution website
  • Select the desired model
  • If needed, make custom changes by clicking the Configure button
  • Click Add to Cart
  • While in the cart...
    • Check the box for 3-Year AppleCare+ for Schools
    • Select North Carolina for the state and enter 28223 for the Zip Code
    • Click Update - total price will be updated
  • Click Send Cart
  • Complete the form with...
    • Your contact information
    • Purchaser Email Address can be left blank
    • Add any additional Comments
    • In the Send Copy To: field, add plus any other appropriate addresses (e.g. department business officer)
  • Click Submit
  • The order will be sent to begin processing


Non-standard Dell and all Apple orders will be reviewed by OneIT staff before being placed.

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