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  1. Go to, click Manage Accounts and login
  2. Click the Manage Sponsored Accounts button (Note: you will only see the Manage Sponsored Accounts button if you are the sponsor of a currently active sponsored guest account)
    Manage Sponsored Accounts button
  3. Locate the sponsored guest account you would like to renew or extend
  4. Check the checkbox next to the sponsored guest account
    Sponsored Guest Select
  5. Update the New End Date field to reflect the new expiration date (Note: you may also click the Set Max Days link to update the End Date to the longest allowable date)
    Sponsored Guest End Date
  6. Click the Submit button

Additional tips:

  • Multiple sponsored guest accounts can be selected at one time to update end date
  • Dates showing in red will expire within 30 days
  • If you wish to expire a sponsored guest account, change the New End Date to the next day - the sponsored guest account will expire the next morning
  • If you need an expedited termination of a sponsored guest account, contact the IT Service Desk at 7-5500

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