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Question: Can you advise me on using and understanding VeriCite and its reports for my Canvas course?

  1. Both faculty and students will see a VeriCite report once the processing is completed
  2. Faculty can easily view the VeriCite report for student submissions using the Canvas Speedgrader
    Canvas Speedgrader
  3. Students will be able to view their VeriCite report from the Assignment
    Assignment VeriCite Report
    The report matching percentage indicator will be color-coded based on the amount of matching text found within the report
  4. Both faculty and students are able to navigate the VeriCite report
    VeriCite report
  5. The student submission text is shown on the left side of the screen, and the matching sources are shown on the right side of the screen
  6. VeriCite reports are dynamic showing a record of all changes to the report score log over time
  7. The report score log displays the date and time when a change took place, a description of the action, the report reference score, and the user that initiated the action (if applicable)
    Report Score Log
  8. Faculty can filter the VeriCite report by Match Level (High, Medium, Low)
    Filter by Match Level
  9. For off-line access, faculty and students can print the VeriCite report for further analysis
    Print or download the VeriCiet report
  10. For off-line access, faculty and students can download the VeriCite report for further analysis

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