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Scenario: I know my students are accessing my Canvas page, without my authorization, during quizzes and exams. How do I generate an activity report, showing who accessed my page, when they accessed it, and what were they viewing?

  1. Faculty are able to generate student activity data using the Activity Logs in Canvas
  2. You can view quiz statistics for quizzes that have been published and have at least one submission
  3. When creating quizzes (or any assessments) in Canvas, faculty are encouraged to use the Assign option to add opening and closing dates and times
    Assigning dates and times
  4. Adding Available from and Available Until dates locks the assessment within the dates specified

Once you Save and Publish the quiz, you will be able to view the quiz and the dates you have made the quiz available to your students.

Assign Quiz Dates

If you are looking to change quiz dates for individual students, you can assign a quiz to an individual student or assign a quiz to a course section.

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