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Card disassociation happens when the system creates the card first before the profile is active in banner. Sometimes the ISO# is not registered at all and the only active card number on the profile is the 800# or a temp card.

 To fix this problem follow the following steps.

  1. First find the users profile in Open Options. 
  2. Right click on "All-Card Holders" in the Personnel Browser. Go to Repeating Queries, Custom, then select EMPID.


        3. You can find the card holder's 800# here.


       4. Place the users 800# in the search field. 


        5. Right click in the blank empty blue space above the "Access Level" box. Then select "Add New Card." 


      6. The new card will appear in the bar located with all the other cards associated with the users profile. 


      7. You can get the ISO# off of the Users card. The ISO # is located here.


     8. In the new cards "Credential" field type in the ISO# located on the card. After typing in the ISO#, go down to the "Hot Stamp" field and make sure it's set to zero.

         Set the "Card Type" to normal. Verify that the deactivation date is after the semester ends. Also check the "Activate Card' box.


      9. Go over to the "Access Levels" box  and right click in the empty white field. Then go down to "Copy Access Levels From Card." Select the 800# card that has the current access levels associated with it.

          If no "Access Levels" are present skip this part and move on to the next step. 


     10. Right click in the blue field above the "Access Levels" and select update.  There should be only one active card on the profile. 

           If there is another active card on the profile. Deactivate it by following these steps. 


     11. Go over to the field labeled "Card Type." Then click on the drop down menu and select "Disabled."


     12. A second field will open up called "Why?" Click on the drop down menu and select "OpenDX."


      13. Un-click the check mark box next to "Active Card."


     14. Right click in the blue field above the "Access Levels" and select update. 


     15. The card's color should change from white to red, indicating that it has been deactivated. 


All done. 

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