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  • The following steps should be completed after a location has been claimed. See this FAQ for instructions on claiming a location.
  • should be added as an owner to locations. This would allow OneIT administrators to grant access to the location should the primary owners leave the university.
  1. Go to and sign in with your NinerNET username and password
  2. Under Manage Locations, click the location that needs to have permissions added
  3. Click Users from the left side menu
    Users in My Business menu
  4. A Manage Permissions box will open - click the Invite new users icon
    Invite new users icon
  5. Type the name or email address into the + Add names or email addresses field
    Invite new users interface
  6. Select the appropriate role for the user you are adding
    My Business user permissions

    If adding the as a user, choose the Owner role

  7. Click Invite
  8. Click Done


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