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These instructions are for claiming a location found on Google Maps

  1. From, find your location
  2. Click on the location so the location details show on the left
  3. Click Claim this business
    Claim this business
  4. On the Google Sign in, enter your university email address and click Next
  5. You will be redirected to university Single Sign On - login with your NinerNET username and password
  6. Verify or enter the name of the location - click Next
    Name your Business
  7. Verify or enter the address of the location - click Next
    My Business location verify
  8. Enter a business category - University Department is appropriate for most campus locations - click Next
    My Business business category
  9. Verify or enter an appropriate phone number and website for the location  - click Next
    My Business phone and website
  10. Click Finish
    My Business Finish
  11. Click Mail
    My Business mail
  12. A post card will be mailed to the location that was claimed
    My Business postcard on the way
  13. On receipt of the postcard, visit
  14. Sign in to your university Google account
  15. Enter your verification code and click Verify
  16. You're now verified - click Get started to edit your location
    My Business You're now verified

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