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Adding Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQ) to your existing Kaltura video increases the power of your instructional content by embedding questions directly into the video. Kaltura My Media provides faculty with the option to add In-Video quiz questions to posted videos.  The IVQ feature increases engagement, enables effective assessment measurement, and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes. IVQ provides an easy-to-use quiz creation wizard that enables you to create an unlimited number of multiple choice questions with 2-4 optional answers per question for your course video quiz assignment.

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Access a course in which My Media is enabled 

    Canvas Course Navigation

    Please view the Canvas How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links? for help enabling My Media

  3. Click the My Media link

  4. Click the Add New drop-down button

  5. Select Video Quiz

  6. Select the video you would like to add the quiz to
  7. A copy of the video is created for you to use for the quiz. The Quiz window is displayed. The original video is still intact
  8. In the Experience area, choose the options you need:

    1. Allow Answers Change - if enabled, students can change their answers before submitting the quiz
    2. Allow Skip- if enabled, students can skip questions and return to the questions they skipped at any time before submitting the quiz
    3. Do Not Allow Skip - if enabled, students must answer the question before moving forward. Students will NOT be able to skip questions
    4. No Seeking Forward - this can only be enabled if the Do Not Allow Skip is checked. If enabled, students must watch the video in its entirety and an Alert Text box is displayed 
  9. Modify the rest of the quiz options as appropriate for your quiz

  10. To add questions, start playing the video and pause it at the point you want to add questions (Multiple Choice, True/False, Open Question, Reflection Point)
  11. Once all questions have been added, click Done to save
    Saved questions
  12. Your changes will be saved. Click Go To Media Page to see the new video
    My Media Video Space

Best Practices

The following points cover the best practices, as recommended by Kaltura for quiz creators:

  1. Be sure to shuffle your answers
  2. All incorrect answer options should be plausible
  3. It is not recommended to use "all of the above" and "none of the above" as wrong-answer options
  4. Make sure the question is meaningful by itself and represents a definite problem
  5. Keep answer lengths similar
  6. Try not to create trick questions, but rather allow for constructive learning
  7. Use only one correct answer and make sure that it is clear why the others are not the correct options
  8. It is recommended to put the last question at the end of the video to keep the user engaged through the entire subject

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