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  1. The Imaging system is a content management software system used for the submission and approval of electronic workflows
  2. Electronic workflows replace paper processes and tend to be much more efficient
  3. The imaging system ensures that all documents are secure, quickly retrievable, and tied to the files and applications you want, with comments and annotations as needed
  4. What access you have to the system will vary depending on what you need to do
  5. In general, "super users" will use the Imaging Client/Desktop Application, individuals responsible for electronic processes may have access to WebNow, and Experience is used by approvers when approving tasks
  6. Previous (and current) versions of the imaging system tool have been referred to as ImageNow, Perceptive Content, C7
  7. This table provides more information about these tools

Windows Desktop ClientCitrix
(End of Life mid-late 2020)
DescriptionWindows client used for administration and updating document properties by power usersVirtual environmentWeb version of Client - limited functionalityAn online application within the Imaging system primarily used for workflow task reviews/approvals
Used for...

Full Windows client used for all Imaging capabilities

Provides access to the Windows Desktop Client for Mac Users Web version of ClientApproval of workflow tasks
Used by

Imaging "Power Users"

Imaging "Power Users"Average Imaging usersApprovers with specified privileges

Must be on VPN to download Windows client from Software Center for university computers. Once client is installed, can use on campus or when off campus via VPN.

Mac users can use Citrix.

Must be on VPN in order to access Citrix remotely. ImageNow support team manages access to the client in Citrix via an access control group.

Note: Must be in DTS-ImageNow-Citrix Active Directory Group to access citrix, which is managed by Desktop Support
(Uses Single Sign On)

Java RequirementsDoes not require JavaDoes not require JavaRequires Java; uses java installed user's computerDoes not require Java
Browser Compatibility

No browser required

Use Citrix Workspace client to gain access to virtual environment. See these FAQs for information about installing Workspace client.

Use Internet Explorer 11

Avoid: Chrome, Edge, Safari 

 No browser restrictions