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  1. UNC Charlotte is licensed for the standard suite of software for MATLAB and Simulink and 38 add-ons.
  2. The toolboxes are listed in these tables
  3. This software is available to faculty, students and researchers. It can not be used for commercial purposes.

MATLAB Standard Suite

Bioinformatics ToolboxData Acquisition ToolboxInstrument Control ToolboxSignal Processing Toolbox
Control System ToolboxDSP System ToolboxOptimization ToolboxStatistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
Curve Fitting ToolboxImage Processing ToolboxParallel Computing ToolboxSymbolic Math Toolbox


Simscape MultibodySimscapeSimulink Control DesignStateflow

Additional Add-On Programs:

Aerospace BlocksetFixed-Point DesignerPartial Differential Equation ToolboxSimulink Coder
Aerospace ToolboxFuzzy Logic ToolboxRF ToolboxSimulink Desktop Real-Time
Communications System ToolboxGlobal Optimization ToolboxRobotics System ToolboxSimulink Real-Time
Computer Vision System ToolboxHDL CoderRobust Control ToolboxSpreadsheet Link
Database ToolboxImage Acquisition ToolboxSimBiologySystem Identification Toolbox
Datafeed ToolboxMapping ToolboxSimscape DrivelineTrading Toolbox
Econometrics ToolboxMATLAB Coder

Simscape Electrical

Wavelet Toolbox
Embedded CoderMATLAB CompilerSimscape ElectronicsText Analytics Toolbox
Financial Instruments ToolboxMATLAB Compiler SDKSimscape Power Systems
Financial ToolboxModel Predictive Control ToolboxSimulink 3D Animation

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